Payal & Dipak

Hindu Wedding Cinematography at Marden Palace

Simran & Sunny

Sikh Wedding Cinematography at Sofitel Heathrow

The Asian wedding scene in UK has seen some of the most colourful weddings. From the astonishingly beautiful brides and bridegrooms, to the guests who come dressed to impress, nothing beats Asian weddings in London. In most cases, there is a healthy mix of new and traditional fashion styles, all blending seamlessly to add pomp to the occasion. The music and dancing is captivating and passionate, with the dance routines executed to perfection. Being a once-in-lifetime event, capturing all the memorable moments on camera has to be done by real experts.
At, we provide unmatched coverage of wedding events. We specialize in providing professional video and photography coverage services for Hindu, Sikh, Indian, Muslim and all Asian weddings. We also cover other weddings such as contemporary, English and Christian weddings. Our quality service is next to none because we have experienced staff members who know what to look for in a wedding video. Scenes such the smiling Grandmother seated and nodding in excitement while the rest of the people are dancing are all captured. Special moments such as the vows are captured from the best angles and are all mixed perfectly to make the video wonderful to watch for years to come.
Apart from our rich experience, some of our packages include two videographers giving us an opportunity to catch all the action from different perspectives. Having done weddings for a long time, they are able to anticipate the special shots and place themselves strategically for the moment. To include all close family members, we request for a briefing on the expected guests and also ask for someone to point out the important people in the wedding. Further, we like to attend the rehearsal to have a feel of the venue and the see the bridal formation first-hand to plan our shoot. To give you impeccable pictures, we have the best high resolution cameras. Our camera crew is also good at audio set up and we place our microphones strategically to capture the best sound without undue background distortion. However, we always make sure we capture the ambience sounds that make the event exciting. The reaction of the crowd when the bridegroom kisses the bride has to be captured on both audio and video for impact. At various points during the occasion, we capture family reactions and comments. We also seek them out towards the end of the occasion to get testimonials. While some videographers are obstructive, we have learnt how to position ourselves so that we capture everything without interfering with the occasion. We will never ask for a repeat of a scene because the best videos are natural. Anything that is captured but not required can be edited out of the final copy. In addition, we carry our own lighting equipment to supplement any light deficiencies in any part of the wedding.
Having captured the video of the entire wedding, we make use of our excellent editing skills to produce the most interesting video. We make a long copy composed of different chapters and also a shorter version that captures all the highlights. We welcome you to come to us and look at our wedding packages. A wedding is the one of the three most important days of your life, it is the only one you choose a date and venue. You cannot take a risk with amateurs, come to us and we will make it count.